I got back from Jamaica on Friday and I feel like I owe it to…myself to leave a blog…a note…some small remembrance of my vacation. I love to travel, love to experience new, meet new, be renewed. I finally finished a book on my trip, started a new one, stayed in a villa with a jacuzzi and an outdoor shower, witnessed a flood in the streets, enjoyed and complimentary couple’s massage for a lock out non-working key card situation, met new friends young old, black white, american and non…I had a ball. I love to travel. 

My trip made me itch for a regular vacation/expedition/journey/whatever every quarter. So, I am making it happen. Fall: Jamaica…Winter: Alabama (settling for the states) Spring: NYC (yes, that is another country in my eyes)…Summer: California (Ahhhhh, can’t wait!)

We took another look at our budget tonight and I am recommitted. We will live our wildest dreams. Here is my bucket list:


1. Meet Denzel

2. Sky dive

3. Star in a movie

4. Travel Internationally 4 times in one year

5. Pay off Parents home

6. Learn to Sang

7. Speak Spanish fluently

8. Boxing Match

9. Body building contest

10. 12 inch hair

11. Own Youth Center

12. Christmas Carol

13. Write and Publish a Book

14. Professional photo shoot 

15. Runway fashion show

16. Bar tend

17. Create self esteem app

18. Make a music video

19. Release a CD

20. Play piano by ear

…to be continued  


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