Star Student

I love praise and recognition. So do my students. Every week I announce the star student. The concept is to have every student be acknowledge for their own individual progress. It could be a student who improves in behavior, homework turn in, responsibility, or (for last week) the student who was such a great leader that the substitute called her by name. When K was announced today, she held her face in her hands and receive a warm embrace from M, a previous Star Student. It was the cutest gesture in the world. Two girlfriends celebrating an award. 

My babies teach me so much. Its important to cherish those moments when life happens and shows you what truly matters in life. Everyone wants to feel important. Everyone wants to be a star. 

I mean to do this Monday. In my room in a central location, impossible to miss, will hang a poster/sign/affirmation that reads “You are important”. Even I will need to take a glance or two throughout the day. After all, I’m human. 


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