The Gift

People have told me I have the gift to teach. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to what they say, because I see all of the areas where I am still working to be better. I think, sure, I’m alright, but I struggle with XYZ. But last Friday, a conversation with a 7 year old changed my perspective. 


G: Mrs. Thompson, my friend told me that God gives everyone a gift…like you, you have the gift to teach. 

Me: Wow. You tryin’ to make me cry? (reaching for tissue)

G: (smile) 

Me: Whats your gift? 

G: Writing and Math. Because I’m good at both. 

Me: Thats right and Hard Work, because you work hard! 

G: (smile). Yep. 

Moments like that make me KNOW God is all up in my classroom. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my “gift”. May I use it to glorify YOU. I promise to focus on my gift more than my areas of growth or improvement. And I promise I will teach my students to do the same. After all, it makes sense to find your strengths. God HAS given me a gift and I’m so appreciative. Really what makes me a great teacher is that I care. And I build relationships. And believe it or not, students will perform because I say that can, not because I tell them they must. I love living and learning (from 7 year olds) each day.