…if you can’t make it through the storm. Then how can you say that Gods the captain of your life. 


I am in love with these words and this song. I’m hoping my love for it is weighted down by my need for sleep so that I get some before sunrise. 


Hallejuah. My cup is filling up by the verse. Trust Me. I hear God saying “Trust Me”. He’s got me and I grow more and more confident of that daily. The Lord God of the universe is concerned about me and what I am doing, feeling, and in need of. Hallejuah! Nothing else matters but that relationship with my creator. Thank you Jesus! I trust you dear God. I can’t really see the end…or even the middle. I don’t know exactly where the path may lead. One thing I know for sure is that I LOVE THE LORD. And He is carrying me. Oh what confidence I have in his unfailing love. I do not deserve it and could never earn it. This truth gives me assurance that Amazing Grace saved me. He is my refuge and my strength, my comfort, my friend, my father. Yes Lord! 


I CAN make it through the storm. I WILL make it through the storm. He HOLDS my hand. He GIVES me comfort. He KNOWS where I’m headed and has PREPARED the way. Thank you Jesus! My captain…