Yes. I am spoiled. And I can’t blame my parents. Its the human part of me…the flesh of me that is spoiling my soul. Don’t get sad. I’m also saved. And one seems to contradict the other. Thus grows my dependence on God. I am spoiled. I am saved. And He has saved me. I know I don’t know Him as I should. Love Him as I should. Obey Him as I should. He still loves me and saves me from my spoiled ways. My prayer from this point forward is to know Him better.

It is my confident belief that once you know God, you love God, and you obey God. And if His word is true and His will is perfect to obey God is to walk in a path that will not lead me astray. This blog post is a confession/devotion/redemption/promise.

1. Know God
2. Love God
3. Obey God
4. Repeat

Thats what I want my life to be about. God is love. God is patient. The best way to KNOW him is to KNOW his word. So…here we Go! Ready, Set, Study (to show myself approved).


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