The past year everything I’ve been raised to believe about who God is was tested. I went through a divorce, took a step of faith and did not renew my contract to teach a 6th year, and just recently moved to Houston-where I knew two people. I took a position as a Children’s Director and my journey has made true Romans 8:28. I see in my life past and present, that God works ALL things (good bad ugly) together for my good. I am a preacher’s daughter raised in the church, tried to maintain my Christian status through good deeds, through avoiding certain sin, and through achieving to make myself feel worthy of salvation. I’ve learned that God is faithful, that His grace is “un-earnable”, and that I am completely love by God even on my worse day, even when I was lost in sin. So now my passion is to build people up to know that God has plans GREAT BIG WONDERFUL plans for their lives. I’ve come to this realization through my own struggle with self-esteem as a child, my development as a leader through my middle school and teenaged years, my entrepreneurial and outreach spirit in my young adult years, and now having overcome some real challenges. My faith stands on Gods word alone because my emotions, people, and situations change. But his word stands and that gives me comfort, makes sense, and makes me strong. I love people. I love God. I’m called to share one with the other.

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