I’m going…thank you for belief!

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to share a little GREAT NEWS with you. God honors faith- thats for sure. 6 months ago I moved to Houston, Texas and accepted a position as a full-time Children’s Church director. This season has been one of pruning and growth. I’m convinced that “All things work for my good”, Romans 8:28 is evident in my journey.

Last week, I was accepted to a Seven Day Seminary program with Elevation Church and I get to self-sponsor my $2500 registration. The fee is well worth the anticipated training and practical skills I will be learning and bringing back in my role as Children’s Church Director. Check it out here: http://sevendayseminary.com.

What I love about God is that He has already provided a way to afford this trip (just found out about the program 3 weeks ago). My Mary Kay business has been a blessing these past 3 years- I literally am living the life of my dreams with a business that supports me in every way: God first, family second, career third. Mary Kay allowed me to earn a free car, to retire early from teaching, to move to a brand new city, and now to pursue my development in ministry.

I’m asking all my friends, family, associates, customers (everyone) to check out my website and see if there is ANYTHING you’d love to order. Think of it as a donation or a contribution- either way you get something (great products) out of helping to support my goal. Each order of $20 includes free shipping and samples and a step toward my attendance for Seven Day Seminary in November. So whether its a new fragrance, skincare, or cosmetics you make a difference.

I will keep you posted on the goal and definitely appreciate your support!

Call, text, email, or order online this month (by September 30th)- I’ll be sure to follow up!

And feel free to #shareMK because I truly believe this method is a fun way to say “I believe in your dreams”. What a powerful message!

Thank you,

Cassandra Bruington
816 808 5887

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