Royalty (Bases Loaded)

Bases Loaded

Just own in and step up to the plate
Batter up you’ve been on it
Your mind is now in shape
Your heart now in place
Steady seeking His face

Mirrors the word
Cleansing all up in grace
Pitcher is live, 1st base is a test
2nd base is the struggle 3rd is leading to best

Keep your eye on the ball
Recognize what really is
Separate lies from the truth
Use your heart not your brain
You’re His

Block out the noise
Look beyond the mound
Curve balls an illusion
Destination is sound

The ump works for you
Catcher is on your team, too
Any balls you can’t handle
His protection comes through

This team is YOUR team
Each player plays a position
All things work together
Even perceived opposition
So just step to the plate
No dugout marks your fate

Just make sure you play ALL in!



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