Tempted Ungratefulness

I woke up this morning almost ungrateful.

Rent is too high

Apartment too empty

Heart too broken

Nose too stuffy

Bed too firm

Floor too cluttered

Mind too cloudy

I almost bought into the lie that my life is off track. There is a myth that I should be in a better state. I’ve woken up with that idea many times before and lies repeated are often believed. However my

Income Shelter Emotions Health Mattress Possessions and Brain are gifts for which to be grateful. 

Dear Father,

The One who owns everything. The One in control of everything. The One who created everything, yes even me. I’m sorry. I apologize for my lack of trust, for my arrogance in thinking one decision I make negates your plan for me. Help me God to trust you, to seek you earnestly, to communicate with you above all others. Thank you for the blessings I recognize and those I’ve become too spoiled to acknowledge. Give me a heart of thanksgiving. Shower me with peace of mind. May every gift you give resonate as such in the depths of my soul. You give good gifts. My life is a give. Help me to cherish it, to cherish you, to cherish time and our relationship. Your love is unshakably, your provisions are perfect, your Word is accomplished in my life.  You’ve thought of everything, you’ve prepared a way- help me to embrace it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For traffic to slow me down. For mistakes to teach me. For disappointments to point me back to the cross. For isolation to show me I’m never really alone. Thank you for valleys and for obstacles that prove you are the master. Thank you for my weaknesses which magnify your strength. Thank you for gifts and talents dreams and passions which are an imprint of your will for me. May I walk with purpose, run in faith, and overcome every temptation to be ungrateful.


believed. However my spa


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