Not sure why thats the title. Okay I know why. So lately I’ve been thinking about love, singing about love, praying about love.

It takes a while to be ready to be “in love” to “show love” to “give love”. When I say I LOVE my babies…I mean I love them. Can’t wait to see them, hug them, kiss them, teach them…be whatever they need me to be in the moment to show them that they are loved.

And then there’s Houston. I love Houston. Thats my affirmation. I love the city, the people, the opportunities, the culture. I love my apartment my friends….(where dey at doe? LOL). I love that I’m growing in a new place and being challenged in a new way.

I love my purpose. I love my calling. I love my drive and my ambition. I love my circle. I love my love. I love God. God is love. I love love. Love loves me. Now that is an incredible feeling- to know love and to be IN love.

I don’t really think love is work. Its all the things that things that are anti-love that make love seem like a struggle. Stress, pressure, fear, shame, past, guilt. May I stay in love. And continue to love love and feel love and love.



I forgave him and then loved him deeper. Is that possible?

Hurt, angry, not desperate but desolate. I forgave him and then I loved him deeper.

Its like I’m stuck in love and its okay because I forgave him. I mean he asked me to…so I did. And now, I’m more in love than I thought I was before.

Love keeps no record of wrong-doing. I’m comfortable releasing the hurt, anger, not desperation…and desolation. I forgave him