Safe Place (late post)

The internet isn’t a safe place to post your inner most thoughts and feelings 

(late post)


Its been a while.  And I will keep it short. Today I feel unlike myself. I’m positive, outgoing, adventurous, friendly energetic, hopeful, and affirming. 

Anxiety (late post)

So this thing is real and I don’t think I can control it. So for the past few months I have just learned to cope.

I’m going to be more proactive and figure out something I can take for it…breathing doesn’t help…positive thinking feels rushed and inauthentic when they hit.

Anywho…life is a journey. Learning to enjoy the ride. I’m learning to focus on the here and now and what I can control. Learning not to expect anything, but to plan and control only myself, my actions, my part…in the journey.

Easier said than done. More simply done than implied. In a new city, my days off will be used to explore:

museums- blah I’ll go though
parks- yes, save the alligators though
food- yes, please especially with dessert
dancing- heck yes
shopping- boutiques!
grocery shopping/farmers marts- saving money supporting the community
volunteering- so excited for this: nursing homes, hospitals, youth groups, etc.
regular stuff with friends- movies, bowling swimming skating parks eating…! EX CIT ING!
dating- comedy shows, nightlife, exploring with a companion- that’s exciting.
MK- people and purpose and POWER.

Vacations: Austin, dallas, san Antonio, Kema, Galveston, Oklahoma, LA…what else is around here. I’m doing it!

Here’s the thing I know how to roll solo dolo, so I’m out!