Poured out Love

Not everyone can say they’ve found or heard or responded to their calling. God speaks to me- He communicates with me on how to express Him to children. I’ve had the opportunity to do this in so many areas: daycare, group home, before and after school, teaching, subbing, children’s church, etc….I love it.

I believe if I follow that love for the children other things will be put into place. Seek first the kingdom of God…and God said the kingdom is made up of children.

Anyways I had a little girl ask if I was teaching her class yesterday. I said no, as we hugged. She replied with a sincere “awwwww”. My heart melted.

I walked in to tell the 3rd grade class I was teaching their class. “Yes”!!! was their reaction. OMG- what a blessing to be loved and to love children.

I worked with a group of 15 children on an Easter program. They have learned and applied the concepts taught with just two rehearsals. They are masters with beautiful ideas. I pray that God allow me to continue to show grace, joy, kindness, but most importantly LOVE. Of course we are teaching about the message of the Resurrection. I believe people will be touched by the dramatization the kids are presenting.

We have an Easter Egg Hunt next Sunday!! Its going to be phenomenal. I’m praying that the kids invite other kids and those children and their families get to hear about the Good News.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not a mother yet, so that I can mother “masses”. I’m content. I love hugging and loving nearly 300 children a week. Its a blessing. God is perfect. His Will for my life is perfect. I appreciate the journey. I’m learning to trust the roadmap more and more daily. Every time a child touches my life, reminds me that I can be just as powerfully used by God.

Glory to the lamb!