I most definitely need a journal – like outside of this blog. Because this is really what the blog is, a journal I’m pleased you decided to open.

Zumba today was amazing- I want to teach older people at nursing homes how to dance. Well, I’m sure they know how to dance. I want to teach them Zumba and Twerk (yes, they are different). And then I want my friends to teach them salsa and “bollywood” style- I don’t know what its called and Nigerian dance etc.

There’s a lady in class today whom I’ve seen before. She dances to her own beat and on her own count. Gorgeous woman, seems nice, and she stays in her own world. I admired her today. Usually in classes I’m competitive and comparing and analyzing and thinking about others in the class. I did it today. However, it was simply admiration for the lesson she taught me. March to the beat of your own drum. Dance like no one is watching. Learn the steps, make your own rhythm. For that, I am truly grateful.

And, I’ll end on this- are we (whatever label you’d like to apply) ever truly immune to what others think of us- I’m sure working to be. I care about many opinions and yet I know only ONE truly matters. So, when I say I’m developing an immunity to comparison and people-pleasing thought processes and behaviors, that I’m learning to block out the noise and focus on me even when I see and hear AND experience things which are bothersome, I’m simply saying “I will not invest my energy there”. I am immune.


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