My God. What a week. If I never have a week like this again in my life, I will be completely fine. My God is faithful, He who has carried me through is awesome. Thank you Lord.

I can’t describe how much I need this weekend. It is a gift to myself and to my classroom and to my soul. In a few hours I will be on a road trip with a buddy- 4 needed hours of release and restoration. I have 40 hours worth of tears and frustration and anger and sadness. I need a release. I need a safe place to spill out an abundance of emotion. And…it may be the driver’s seat of my Chevy.

I thought it was Aunt Flow. It wasn’t.

Thought it was my sleep. It ain’t.

Guessed it was a student. Not sure that’s ALL it is.

What is it? This feeling? This discomfort? This unsettledness. A VERY small piece of me VERY small…thinks I am love sick. Am I love sick? Or am I just sick to think…after a decision to not love that I am choosing, still, to love. And love from a distance is sad and deep and poetic. But I don’t think that’s it.

I tried sitting still (with my phone, facebook, instagram, and snapchat)  and that didn’t work. Go figure. Maybe I will create time and space and do meditation.

Let’s see what else can I change?

I could:


-drink water

-stick to my budget

-stick to my bedtime

-stay of Social media

-clean my desk (at work and at home)

-STOP TRYING TO FIX OTHER PEOPLES’ problems when I have my own.


This is a list of 7 things I can do. – starting now. See you in 7 days.


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