The title has nothing to do with how I am feeling. I just hit “send” and confirmed through a contract that I will be moving to Costa Rica in July to teach. It makes me nervous, sure. But more than that a part of me does not actually want to go. Maybe because I am comfortable or because there is a lot of unknown information. ALOT. I there are people here who I really like. People who I love. People who I like to think that I could love and I don’t want to go before all that gets settled. There are men and women and businesses and cafes and neighborhoods and places and things and dreams and wishes and …there is so much here in Houston. Oh, and my church! In two years Hope City will be unrecognizable and I’m excited to be a visitor when I visit. But I love being a member.

Maybe God will use me to plant a church or to work in ministry or to do mission work. I have no idea what He will do with me, but I will gain fresh perspective and I could stand to have improved vision.

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