I almost woke up with my alarm. I was only laying in bed “praying” for like 4 minutes. I read or heard that turning on the light helps us to get up in the morning. Natural light is the best. That makes me assume that I am forced to get up too early- there is no natural light right now. lol


I woke up with one word on my mind: create.


So, I promised myself I would be productive, get ready for my day and then blog. No topic in particular. Oh, I took the Strength Finder (bootleg version) test and read about myself. I love personality tests and self-help books. Here’s me in a nutshell:


Achiever: I love results. I’m learning to celebrate my successes often and consistently.

Activator: When there is a task at hand, I’m ready to move and to act. I’m learning to get others on board with me first (in some instances).

Belief: Faith.

Communication: I love telling stories, speaking, teaching, and sharing. Thus, this blog. I will master this skill.

Includer: I want all hands on deck. Everyone can participate- play a part.


Now, 6AM prayer call.

Bye yall.


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