Gabby’s book

I’m just going to be honest, okay. I was a Gabby almost hater before I read her book. I think many actors are a lot like the characters they play and I just wasn’t a fan until Mary Jane. I know…Mary Jane put me on to Gabby. The lost wandering wanting to be in love and falling in love with the wrong men Gabby, I mean Mary Jane.

So anyway, I love Mary Jane and so I decided to give Gabby a chance. I’m in a bomb Book Club with my girls Toy and Monica and this book was next on dock. I was apprehensive at first. I wanted to support Mary Jane and Gabby, but I didn’t know if I was ready to give up my idea of the latter.

I fell in love with her honesty. The book left a lot still in question. She at points seemed very objective about her life, which I feel is not for me to judge. She told her story the way she wanted to and the world is lucky to have a glimpse into her world. I appreciate that she was real, raw, and uncut…its a way I tend to view myself.

What I learned for Gabby that it is okay to be yourself and to reinvent yourself when you realize life is not working in your favor. We have a lot in common and in a very selfish way that allowed me to like her more. I wrote a book myself hoping people would low key understand me and high key like me (more).

Shameless plug, go read my book Grow…or read Gabby’s.




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