Chicken in India

Mint a mile high

Colorful cages painted with brown branches, golden skies, blue raindrops, emerald crowns on the tops of trees

Freedom is jumping back into one’s cage of self and never escaping into captivity again

Aware of the grease, the bones, the gristle of a “chicken”

You’re done


Solo Panama

“‘For the Benefit of the World’ [Pro Mundi Beneficio] proclaims the motto of Panama, referring to the canal which divides the country physically but provides it with a substantial portion of the national income.

Thank you google.

Back in October, I decided that I would stay in Central America for the winter break. I decided that I would live up to my reputation of being a free spirit and I would travel the world to a land unknown and simply: explore. So, I did. After celebrating Navidad, I packed and relaxed and packed as I awaited my flight. I woke up on time made it to the airport without a hitch. I purchased a sim card as a friend had suggested and I was ready for world…only thing was…my phone was dead.

If you know me, you know my phone is dead or dies 89.9% of the time. And I learned that when you take a solo trip out of the country and rely on GPS for directions, it is important that your raggedy international phone stays charged. It was a lesson that would be solidified repeatedly over my vacation. If I had to give a count, I would say my phone died 28 times, an average of 4 times a day. I would also say that I spend 45% of my driving time praying for Divine navigational intervention. I should have seen it coming because, as I pulled out of the airport parking lot into traffic, my 15 minute charged phone…died again.

Through rain, rough terrain, highways, and uncertain turns I learned a very valuable lesson. Solo trips are not solo trips. I depended on my memory, my intuition, and my pleas to God to get me to and around Panama City. If there is anything that I learned, it was that God loves me, he keeps me, and he has to have been the inspiration behind rechargeable batteries.