do overs

They don’t exist, but I need them.

Teaching career

  1. Love life
  2. Spiritual Walk
  3. Habits

This weekend we talked about noticing who we are and how we relate to those with whom we are in relationship.

We can fall into one of 4 categories:

a) phenomenally skilled, phenomenally willed (obviously where I want to be)

b) phenomenally willed, average skilled (that’s me)

c) phenomenally skilled, average willed

d) average willed, average skilled


I was a little saddened that my skill level is average. It was a self-assessment, so perhaps it is an inaccurate assessment. Nonetheless, it caused me to evaluate the things I do. I had no choice but to translate average as medium as mediocre and it made me cringe. I don’t want anything I am or anything I do (well, the way I do it) to be considered mediocre.

I have some work to do. Some self-building work. With teaching, I think I just need to be prepared to go above and beyond in terms of systems and taking time to create quality lesson plans and then implement them with accuracy. I can teach. I could teach well- it will just require more than I have been giving. More time, more energy, more thought, and more preparation and planning.

Love life- standards need to be raised. For myself and for others. I haven’t the energy to dwell on this topic too long. Some of my mistakes are irrelevant.

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