Crazy Daze

I’m a teacher. The kid who takes work home, dreams of upcoming lessons, emails parents on the weekend, and witnesses astonishing growth. I don’t know how to work 7-3pm and not leave my heart on the court. The court being my classroom. I really truly believe in the essence of education. Guardians all over the globe place immeasurable trust in people they don’t know to educate, protect, care for, believe in, and love their children.

Some expect teachers to do more than they are doing, to give what they don’t have, and to teach what they cannot. This year has been a whirlwind and the growth I’ve experienced makes my head spin. And still…with 6.5 days of the school year left I can’t let up.

I don’t know how this type of instruction is manageable. I have assisted in the teaching and development and RAISING of 575 students (ages 1 – 12). That doesn’t count the 2 children I’ve taught online, the 100+ kids from the group home I worked at, the middle schoolers 200+ I have instructed on life skills, and the 80 students I chaperoned and led during college campus camp tours. If you were doing the math thats more than (382+575) 957…oh, I’ve left out the 40 children I have assisted in before and after school programs, daycares, and as a babysitter.

Whew! That math really hurt. And if I’m being honest, I used the help of my 4th grade students. They love solving math problems. And I love teaching them, but this hurts my brain. And I have things that I work toward after hours. I am just as passionate about these things as I am about teaching.

So, the burden and the challenge and the struggle becomes, HOW ON EARTH CAN I HAVE ENERGY TO DO EVERYTHING. The easy answer is “I can’t.” My answer is “I’m figuring it out”. Next year, my role will shift. I will be teaching teachers who teach children. My impact will expand and so my work will change. Same passion, same goal, increased potential.

Rather than reaching just the 15 children I am teaching, I can impact 29 teachers (times 15 kids), affecting 435 children. That is 29 times the impact. That is success in my opinion. In one year, I can streamline my efforts and increase my “reach”. I’m excited for next school year. I am EQUALLY if not more excited for a break and renewal and the opportunity to dispense all of my energy in a different direction for the summer.

So far, in my brain, I have planned:

  1. An online teaching gig to make fund the list below
  2. A book relaunch
  3. Coaching for the book relaunch
  4. Supporting 3 friends’ gifts AT the book launch
  5. A vacay to and around Houston
  6. Girl time at Essence Festival
  7. Launching an internet t-shirt business
  8. A reunion with my sister friend in Denver at a women’s conference
  9. A trip to an old home (city)
  10. A family vacation

…as I look at this list it is full of A LOT of giving. So, how, where, when will I ensure that I do somethings to fill my cup full. Le sigh. This is the story of my life. I’m promising not to add to the list. And I’m vowing to subtract if needed.

I commit to getting and keeping my energy. What comes to mind is:

  1. gyming (eye candy)
  2. shopping (look good, feel good)
  3. writing (connection and reflection)
  4. beauty (massage, waxing, trimming, styling, etc)
  5. …and most of all, the one thing that should be at the top of every list and quite honestly falls at the bottom way too often…clinging to the cross.

I decided to make #5 sound churchy on purpose. I need to pray, ready, and meditate on the Word of God if I really expect anything listen above to get done. Not to mention ALL of these things while getting out of debt and saving for a car next school year!

Quite honestly, lets add “securing the bag” to the list.

#crazydays #crazydaze

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