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If you like this blog, share it, comment, and let me know what topics “speak to you”.  I’m a communicator. I love to talk. I’m working on listening. This blog is my voice. I share freely, openly because I talk to an audience of unknown. Thats not to be confused with unimportant. This space is beautiful and I appreciate the web and WordPress. Its amazing to be able to share and express and be heard. By someone…somewhere…unknown.

So, I’m committed to talking to you daily. It will be short. It will be random. But I hope you will like and share…


then grow.


Here we go again…

Weekends. They aren’t much different than my weekdays. I wake up early, I have things to do and I take action. Yesterday’s todo list consisted of grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, and planning, organizing, catching up with a friend and family, Instagraming, Netflixing, Facebooking, and resting. The rest came when I fell asleep sprawled across my bed with every light in my apartment on and 3/4 of the cabinets open. I looked like a mad woman train who had literally ran out of steam. Or a child who has been going all day and is stopped in her tracks but the sleep monster.


Ah, well…thats how weekends go. They are little more flexible and free than my weekdays but they compete in productivity. I get a lot done. Always. So today, I’ve realized, I didn’t really rest. I want to go to the beach, but I have two books I want to read, a book club at 7, and planning to do for the work week. I don’t think I’ll stay to watch the sunset as previously decided. Something has got to give. So, in true Cassandra fashion…I’m writing my goals down here, so that I can get to them.


  1. Close cabinets
  2. Pack for the beach
  3. Go to the Beach
  4. Be free at the beach (work or don’t work, read or don’t read, whatever…and take pics)
  5. Leave before sunset (you have planning, cooking, Book Club, and sleep to get)
  6. Book Club, plan, cook, sleep
  7. This list is too long.


Revised list:

  1. Plan for tomorrow
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Book Club
  4. Sleep

This blog was for me, but I hoped it help you. #prioritizerest

My theory about me

I’m so glad my password was saved and worked this time. I change passwords nearly every week. The range is from Spotify to bank sites to my amazon acct (not really that one is locked in tight). I gave my students an assignment to write about their theory of themselves and here is what I gathered about Cassandra (me).


Cassandra is complexity at its best. Resting #)$*@ (stone for the PG audience) face with a heart the texture of a marshmallow encased by ceramic pieces. She loves herself, she loves God, and she is learning to truly love others. Cassandra is driven…almost to the point of madness. She is an idea machine and her brain moves faster than the speed of light. She’s like a flickering lamp, constantly illuminating with ideas yet exhausted by energy expensed. Rapid fire ideas frustrated by the speed of man. Men. Cassandra is a lover. She loves children. Beaches. Change. Growth. A natural girl.

Mourning Divorce

I knew this would be a process, but geez! A week ago I had another dream. I have reconciliation dreams. Dreams where he comes back or he stays…or we are together. They are never beautiful. I always wake up with a feeling like “why can’t I stop dreaming this nonsense”. I’ll do a better job of capturing the feeling next time.

Its like an annoying reminder that we could have pushed through, could have made it, but…he wasn’t cut out for the struggle. And honestly, he wasn’t built for me. I’m a fighter, I’m tenacious, I’m a handful of love and energy and adventure…! I have my flaws and they are the same things that make me beautifully fearless and unique and strong.

I just finished a sermon series on relationships and I’m taking away a newfound appreciation for my singleness. (Its great for EVERYONE- single, married, divorced, dating, engaged)

Click and enjoy:

For the past several months, I’ve been flirting with the concept of contentment in this stage, but its solid now. I go as I please, I travel solo dolo, I have friends visit, and I really just pursue purpose on my own terms. God is in the driver’s seat and I am learning to trust Him fully. I still mess up and start trusting myself and my own understanding, but I have taken Proverbs 3:5-6 to heart:

Proverbs 3:5 King James Version (KJV)

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.



Do better

Gallup Strength Finder

I finally took my Strength Finders test. When you know better, you do better. When you know more, you get more out of what you know! I love finding out about myself and my “Intellection” strength implies that making time to research and share is important. So…back to blogging I go.

I LOVE personality tests. Here’s another: DISC

I’m a “D”

Take it!

To thine own self be true. So study you and become an expert! ❤

Oh, last one: Compass Points 

I’m “East” according to: (the questions were weird, so idk…I thought I was a NORTH).

• You have the big picture, the frame that needs to be filled in.
• You need to see the final product and will work with the end in mind.
• You believe in working backwards, understanding by design.
• You don’t get a project started until you are clear about the final product.
• You teach our children the big concepts.
• You know what the mosaic looks like in the end.


Ooops, one more Meyer Briggs:

I’m DEBATER (hahaha, no lies here)


This trait determines how we interact with our environment.






Chicken in India

Mint a mile high

Colorful cages painted with brown branches, golden skies, blue raindrops, emerald crowns on the tops of trees

Freedom is jumping back into one’s cage of self and never escaping into captivity again

Aware of the grease, the bones, the gristle of a “chicken”

You’re done


Solo Panama

“‘For the Benefit of the World’ [Pro Mundi Beneficio] proclaims the motto of Panama, referring to the canal which divides the country physically but provides it with a substantial portion of the national income.

Thank you google.

Back in October, I decided that I would stay in Central America for the winter break. I decided that I would live up to my reputation of being a free spirit and I would travel the world to a land unknown and simply: explore. So, I did. After celebrating Navidad, I packed and relaxed and packed as I awaited my flight. I woke up on time made it to the airport without a hitch. I purchased a sim card as a friend had suggested and I was ready for world…only thing was…my phone was dead.

If you know me, you know my phone is dead or dies 89.9% of the time. And I learned that when you take a solo trip out of the country and rely on GPS for directions, it is important that your raggedy international phone stays charged. It was a lesson that would be solidified repeatedly over my vacation. If I had to give a count, I would say my phone died 28 times, an average of 4 times a day. I would also say that I spend 45% of my driving time praying for Divine navigational intervention. I should have seen it coming because, as I pulled out of the airport parking lot into traffic, my 15 minute charged phone…died again.

Through rain, rough terrain, highways, and uncertain turns I learned a very valuable lesson. Solo trips are not solo trips. I depended on my memory, my intuition, and my pleas to God to get me to and around Panama City. If there is anything that I learned, it was that God loves me, he keeps me, and he has to have been the inspiration behind rechargeable batteries.